Friday, September 18, 2009

standing, snuggles & swimming

 September 09 00220Mayana spends at least half her day in this exact position. She is obsessed with standing up at the couch, and walking up and down along it (I think they call it cruising). Now instead of holding onto the couch and to stand up, she launches herself to standing and then grabs the couch to balance. I can’t say I’d be surprised if I end up with an early walker.

September 09 00221My new favourite thing that the Mayana-Berry has learned. When I say, “Can Mama have a snuggle please, Mayana?”, this is how she responds. It’s so lovely to be getting little cuddles from my precious! (Oh and the other gorgeous thing she does now is clap! If we say, “Hooray!” she starts bouncing on her little bottom and clapping and laughing. She saw people clapping on the TV the other day and stopped what she was doing and started her bouncing/clapping routine. It was beyond adorable.) 

September 09 00241

Today it was really quite hot, and we all know Miss Mayana does not approve of hot days. So we decided she could have her first ever ‘swim’ in her ‘pool’. In her cutsie bikini. She LOVED it. She kept trying to stand up though, she just can’t help herself. Landed herself head-first in the grass a time or two- you think you’d learn, but no… In any case, she loved it, and cooled down!

September 09 00250

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