Sunday, September 13, 2009

All I want is Loving You and Music…

I am enjoying discovering that a love of music is something that apparently exists intrinsically. Well in my little daughter at least. You gotta admit, it’s in her genes. She has listened to music (a lot of music) every day since the day she was born. I sing to her all the time. Lately, whenever she hears music she starts to dance. She sits up on her bottom and bounces and flaps her arms and laughs. It’s incredibly cute. I have some video of it but don’t have time to get it internet-ready at this moment.

I really hope to encourage her love of music as she gets older. I can’t wait to see which instrument(s) she wants to learn, if she’ll let me teach her the keyboard. If she’ll be part of our little family band! In the meantime, we’ll just practice clapping and singing Twinkly Twinkle and Jesus Loves Me.

September 09 00112

We’ve been playing a bit of keyboard together each day. Mayana especially loves it when I put it on the percussion or special effects settings.

September 09 00121

Mayana also enjoys banging various containers together. Loudly. You can see her little eyes wincing in anticipation of the fierce noise she is about to make.

Oh bless. She’s too precious!

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