Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mayana the Aussie Berry

On Australia Day! Cute outfit, no? S7306118 S7306112

And showing off her sweet mohawk-like ‘do. And her tired-looking Mama. I’m pretty sure I looked exactly this way this time a year ago. Except back then I had a 1 week old newborn, and a really good excuse to look this tired. Right now, I’m not sure exactly what’s going on!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

she loves to party

On Sunday Mayana went to her buddy Willow’s first birthday party. Willow is the daughter of two of my school mates. It was a bit belated; Willow is actually 11 days older than Mayana. Mayana LOVED hanging out with all Willow’s little friends – she is very much a social butterfly. She was particularly taken with Callum, the son of another of school friend- and he with her. They all had a great time together.


Three school buddies and their three babies: Nick & Willow, Me & Mayana, Danielle & Callum. S7306073 Mayana & Callum.

S7306077Gorgeous Mayana Berry in her beautiful new outfit from Aunty Penny… how adoreable is it!!?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Today Mayana and I went over to our friend Kelsie’s house. She has the most awesome playground at her house, including a fabulous tunnel and slide and ball pit. A ball pit that Mayana didn’t want to leave!

 S7305998 S7305999 S7306021 S7306023 S7306024 S7306029 S7306030


The Birthday Berry

My gorgeous Mayana Berry celebrated her first birthday on Monday the 18th. We had a fantastic party in the park on the weekend, and Little Miss was very spoiled and blessed. Pop over to my other blog for more details of the day.

Here are some special edition photos from the occasion…


Mayana & Kelsie

S7301012Mayana walking


Mayana & Tante Lexi

DSCF5635Mayana getting ready for cake


Mayana enjoying her cake

DSCF5644  Mayana & Tante Bethanie

S7300987 Four generation photo: Mayana, me, my mum & my nanna.

Friday, December 25, 2009

More Mundubbera Adventures

Before our trip to Perth, we had a flying visit to Mundubbera for my cousin’s baby shower. Mayana got some early Christmas presents, and loved hanging out with her Great Nanna, Great Poppy, and Great Aunt Nelly.


Opening her first Christmas present ever, from Great Aunt Nelly … it was….S7304968

A fairy costume! She loves it, and looks super duper adorably cute in it.


On our first night, we didn’t have a cot for Mayana to sleep in, so we made a little nest for her on the floor. She slept well in it, but must have got off for a little play before she went to sleep. When we went to check on her before bed, this is where we found her.


There were five ‘Jack’’s outside Nanna’s door, much to Mayana’s delight. She spent a lot of time at the glass doors, teasing them.


Sleeping with her cute little bottom in the air.

S7304985 Lovin’ her Great Poppy!! He got lots of snuggles.


And her Nanna.

Monday, December 7, 2009


We spent Saturday afternoon with some of my cousins. Well, my mum’s cousin’s wife and their kids. Meh. Cousins.

Flynn is 5, and Micah is nearly 2. Flynn looooves Peter. Micah looooves Mayana. Or My-narnie as he calls her.

They had the best time together… climbing the stairs (and giving their mothers heart-attacks in the process), jumping on the trampoline and splashin’ in the tub.


  S7304898 S7304899


Looking forward to the next play-time guys!!!


Ps… Did you notice Mayana’s groovy shorts?? I whipped them and another similar pair up for her on Saturday morning, as well as some cute pyjamas!

Friday, December 4, 2009

big girl

Before I start with the photos… I just want to announce that I’m particularly proud this evening because my gorgeous daughter did her very first wettie on the potty!! She got lots of claps and cheers, and seemed very happy with herself. So clever!!!

She is seeming like such a big girl lately. She’s still pint-sized, but she acts so toddlerish, it’s a bit scary actually!  Last night we were at our church connect group Christmas party. Mayana got into my bag and pulled one of her wipes out, and spent a good portion of the evening cleaning our friend’s tiles and coffee tables. She’s got a thing with doing this at the moment, and cleans any available surface. It’s not so cute however when she ‘cleans’ her highchair tray with her vegemite toast.

S7304888 And this one just takes the cake. It was sooooooooooo cute. After dinner at connect group, the big kids always go and watch a DVD in the host’s media room (big screen projector thingo). Last night they watched Madagascar 2. Mayana disappeared into the media room, and I peeked in after her fully expecting to find her playing with the buttons on the entertainment system. Instead I found this:

S7304885She sat there next to the big kids for nearly 15 minutes just watching Madagascar. That’s a long time for a 10.5 month old!

How cute is that!?