Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fun in the sun

This afternoon the three of us decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather, and headed to the park for a picnic lunch. Miss Mayana discovered that her favourite food in the world (that she’s tasted so far) is hommus. I gave her some on a cracker, and she licked the thing clean, and promptly held up her cracker for more! When we decided that she’d had enough, and put the lid back on the dip, she kept crawling straight over to it and trying to get into it! She’s never responded to a food like that before, and it was so cute! I have photos of her covered in hommus but they’re on my phone so you’ll have to wait until I figure out how to get them off!

 August 09 00352

August 09 00356 August 09 00359

August 09 00360

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

love her

August 09 00337

finger food

 August 09 00326

Smorgasbord… vegemite toast, apple, cheese, cucumber, banana, strawberry and yoghurt (which fed to her by me, not by herself!)

 August 09 00327

“Mmmmm interesting…”

August 09 00331

“Not bad, not bad”

August 09 00332

Starting to really get into it now

August 09 00334

Definite approval

August 09 00335

If this is anything to go by, I think finger food was a winner!

told ya she’s cheeky

August 09 00320

Trouble is, once she’s up she can’t quite figure out how to get down…

Saturday, August 22, 2009

new tricks

 August 09 00298

Waiting for Mama to come and get her after a nap

August 09 00299

Trying to stand up using the washing basket. She gets extra points for pulling herself up on something that’s behind her!

August 09 00300 I’ve been putting Mayana in the Jolly Jumper while I have a shower. I sing songs to her and she bounces and has a great time! Her favourite song at the moment is ‘The Hokey Pokey’.. she even sings along!

August 09 00303 

Mayana sharing her teething fishy with Papa. She does this with food too.. delightful!

August 09 00306

Apparently this is a fun thing to do… she does it constantly!

August 09 00308

My beautiful, cheeky girl…

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A hard day’s night…

For the last few sleeps she’s had, Mayana has been waking up about half way though, having a play in her cot, then dropping wherever she runs out of steam and falling back to sleep. Often when we go to get her after naps she is sitting up waiting for us, and a couple of times even standing up!!!! My little girl is starting to pull herself up on things! I haven’t caught it on camera yet because when she sees the camera she gets all excited and loses her balance. Stay tuned!

 August 09 00295

Notice in this pic, next to her hand is a crumpled up wall decal which she has somehow pulled off the wall, and had a good chew on before going back to sleep.

August 09 00296

Life’s a Beach

Off to the beach!BeachTrip 00000

Watching Opa and Oom Jordan fly the kite

BeachTrip 00012 Getting ready to squish the sandcastle

BeachTrip 00040And there it goes!

BeachTrip 00041Mmmm looks yummy!

BeachTrip 00053

Yeah.. maybe not! BeachTrip 00060

Hanging out in the sand

BeachTrip 00072Checking out the surf! Mayana loved the water…

BeachTrip 00089 Warming up with Tante Lexi after a fun splash in the water

BeachTrip 00091 End of a big day!

BeachTrip 00095

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

highlights from our days away


Helped Mama and Papa pack up for our trip..

August 09 00224Went to visit Aunty Mich, and told my buddy it’s time to come out and play!!! (She still hasn’t listened)

August 09 00226{Saturday}

Had coffee with Mike, Naomi, and my buddy Elena. We are only 3 weeks apart. I’m a runt!

August 09 00237 Hung out with Lachlan for a while

August 09 00246Decided that Maurice looked tasty

August 09 00248Played with Nan

August 09 00249and Pop

August 09 00255 {Sunday}

Fell asleep at church… AFTER chatting and playing throughout the entire service.

August 09 00257Really enjoyed my lunch

August 09 00258

Went to the beach for the first time ever (dedicated post to come!)

BeachTrip 00000

Caught up with Aunty Ali and Uncle Shane

August 09 00264 {Monday}

Found another park to play in!

August 09 00272 August 09 00276 I also got to visit Aunty Joce, and fell in love with her grandson Nathan, but Mama’s camera went flat and she didn’t get any photos.

I had the best time with all my buddies, and I miss them SO much!! (Mama does too)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the last few days….

 August 09 00196

First time on a slippery-dip!

 August 09 00200

Mayana loves playgrounds :0)

August 09 00202

In the tunnel

August 09 00211 

Mmmmm…. I love biscuits!

August 09 00216

August 09 00217

Mama, can I come on holidays with you???

August 09 00219

Showing off her new leg-warmers.