Friday, September 18, 2009


September 09 00253 

Mayana went for an explore today. We were in the loungeroom and then suddenly she wasn’t. Papa followed her down the hallway with the camera just in case… She crawled into her bedroom where she proceeded to empty a basket of clothes I had just folded and drag them around the room. Then she decided to check out what was going on under her changetable. Where she got stuck.

September 09 00260

Angelic, no? Well, no. Today, for the fourth day in a row, our cheeky daughter’s bath came to an abrupt end when she did a great big number two in it. Yes, four days in a row! Let’s just say Pete’s quite happy he is no longer bathing with her.

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  1. That's a classic! Look at her chubby little face.... oh soooooo adorable!! Can't believe she's done that in the bath so many times in a row! Oh my! I hope that doesn't start happening around here!!