Sunday, September 13, 2009

garden fun

 September 09 00184It’s such fun to play in the dirt…

September 09 00189 …even if you do get a little grubby

September 09 00193

This is Mayana’s contribution… when Papa told her it was time to plant the seeds, she promptly popped the entire packet into the dirt.

September 09 00199Then Mayana discovered the bucket of water … and decided it was much more fun than helping Papa. I don’t think Papa minded too much though. She splashed around for ages… got herself thoroughly wet and has an absolute ball!

September 09 00202 She even got to jump into the bucket so Papa could wash off all the mud she had created.

September 09 00207

Chillaxing after a hard day in the garden. This is the first time she fed herself a bottle completely independently. I wasn’t allowed to help at all. She’s getting much too clever!

1 comment:

  1. A great idea, out in Papas garden!! Love those tiny lil dirty hands. A very willing participant I see!!! Her Papa could never resist a bucket of water either!!! LOL xxxxs from NanAnn