Sunday, May 31, 2009

fun in the sun

Thisafternoon after church, we decided to head to our favourite fish’n’chip shop, and head to Queen’s park for a picnic. It was a little cool today, but the sun was out, and we had a lovely afternoon together. I’m so in love with my little family!

May 09 00099 

Playing drums on the bumbo tray

May 09 00088

My two favourite people. Oh how I love them!!!

May 09 00091 

Happy girls!

May 09 00096

Our beautiful family!

Friday, May 29, 2009

tummy time|pear|movies

May 09 00068

I think she’s finally getting the hang of this tummy-time thing!

May 09 00076

So, do you think she enjoyed her pear with organic baby rice??

May 09 00080   Mayana’s first ever cinema experience… she was such a good girl!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Aw she’s a precious lil button

Mayana-berry and I have been having some lovely days together while Papa is on prac. She misses him lots though, and has lots of great big smiles and giggles and cuddles for him when he gets home from school!

 May 09 00064 Gorgeous morning smiles..

May 09 00065

Tummy time is happy time when you have something to distract you! I think this may possibly have been the longest tummy time Mayana has ever had!

May 09 00066

Showing off to Jill (our midwife) at weigh-in today. Sitting up all by herself… no hands! Mayana is now less than 100g off 4kg… we’re getting there!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Welcome to the family, Gloria!

Opa bought Mayana a beautiful hippo, whom we have named ‘Gloria’ after the hippo on Madagascar…

May 09 00041

“Hmm.. I’m not too sure about this creature!”

May 09 00042

“Hmmm.. she’s not so bad… gives good cuddles!”

May 09 00044

“And she’s pretty comfortable..”

May 09 00063

“… Nice to hang out with”

  May 09 00052 

“and she gives fun rides!”

May 09 00059

“Slow down!!!!”

May 09 00060

“Maybe we’ll just chillax together (i hope she doesn’t mind if I dribble on her a bit!).”

Yeah, I think Mayana definitely likes her new friend.

May 09 00045

Look how clever our girl is, holding onto her own water bottle… 

May 09 00055

Lovin’ the Papa :-)  

Friday, May 22, 2009


Mayana loves them, and if she sees us using one she must have it.

May 09 00021She didn’t seem very happy that we hadn’t left any of our cappuccino froth on there for her though! Maybe in a few more months baby girl!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New videos of our precious girl

Playing in the Jolly Jumper

Chatting in the bath

Jolly Jumper

Our friends Rach & Dan have lent us a jolly jumper. Mayana tried it out at their place last night – and absolutely LOVED it!

May 09 00006May 09 00007

Monday, May 18, 2009


S7301969S7301970S7301971S7301981    S7301980S7301973 

She ate it all up! Yum!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Friend girls dressed up for church…

may09 00335

sleepy chicken

Last night, Peter was reading to Mayana before her bedtime feed, when she flopped onto his leg and was suddenly fast asleep!

So cute! She did it again tonight too, perhaps we need to think about moving her bedtime forward…

may09 00332 may09 00336 may09 00330

Friday, May 15, 2009

Cutest Jumper Ever

may09 00327 Isn’t it just gorgeous!? This was from our favourite Aunty Janeen. It keeps Mayana nice and warm, and is SO cute. Judging by her cute little grin, she likes it too!

Ps.. Mayana became a cousin for the very first time today… Welcome to the world baby Hannah Friend, born today around 1.30pm weighing 6lbs 8oz.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I wanna be a rockstar!

may09 00321

We totally love Mayana’s new outfit. Pete chose it, and thinks he’s very clever. Isn’t it the cutest!!?

Oom J will be very impressed: Mayana’s first Bass!

may09 00322Mayana is insisting on practising her new skill as often as she possibly can!  She sat like this on her Papa’s lap for about 5 minutes today, with just a little bit of help from Papa moving his legs to compensate for her going off balance occasionally. She’s learning that she can steady herself by putting her hands in front of her.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

bumbo, babar and books..

May09 00305 May09 00306

It was cold today, and Mayana looked sooo cute in her warm clothes and hat. How cute are the booties!! Please excuse the drooly shirt… Mayana is teething, today I found a row of little white dots along her top gum…

May09 00309

How’s this for early literacy!!! Mayana is so interested in books, she tries to grab the pictures and the pages… here she was actually turning the pages! We had our first trip to the library today, got some lovely books and some DVD’s: Hillsong Kids, The Donut Man (takes me back to my childhood!!!), and The Wiggles!

 May09 00312

Mayana chillin’ in her new Bumbo chair. She thinks it’s pretty great, cos she can sit up in it ‘by herself’. 

May09 00314Hanging out in Bumbo, watching Babar.. you remember that cartoon about the elephant king??? I got a DVD of it for $3.00 yesterday! I used to LOVE it when I was a kid. Mayana seemed to think it was pretty good too…

May09 00316

We changed the nursery around yesterday.. For three reasons:
1) I felt like a change ;-)
2) I thought it would be easier to keep her warm if she wasn’t under the window
3) Mayana loves her curtains, and since she is beginning to want to sit up, and the curtains kind of hung into her cot, I was afraid they’d one day land on her head!

I like it this way, we have a nice big spot on the floor which we can play on. We’re going to get one of those town map play mats from Ikea to go there..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day Picnic

We had such a lovely day today for my first mother’s day. After church we headed out to Ravensbourne, one of my favourite picnic places of all time!

 May09 00201

Our first mother’s day together…

 May09 00205

Mayana modelling the skirt I made for her… give her a couple of years and it will be doll’s clothes, lol.

 May09 00206

Has she not got the most incredible eyes!!!

 May09 00258

Jack! I’m flying!!! lol. Check out the drool!

 May09 00276

Please note: I am holding onto her…

 May09 00284

Today, Mayana found these really sweet little bobbly things on the end of her legs… she thought they were really cool, and tried to get them in her mouth, but they didn’t quite reach. I’m sure she’ll keep working on it and get there soon enough.

May09 00294

Sitting up all by herself!! (With me hovering ready to catch her). She can manage about half a minute alone, and then topples over to the side. She’s such a Miss Independent.

Friday, May 8, 2009

It's a tiring life... being a baby!

Especially when your Mama wants to take you shopping all the time!!

Mayana has been such fun the last couple of days. She’s had great morning naps, making her much happier though the day, and today she even had a halfway decent afternoon nap!

She’s got such a little personality shining through. SHe loves to chat and loves her Papa. Yesterday when we were out without him, he called and I held the phone up to her ear. She instantly got a great big grin on her face, and started kicking her legs and flapping her arms… definitely knew who she was talking to! Papa even got a few cute giggles and squawks for his efforts.

Her favourite time is bath time, and as soon as you take her into the bathroom and she hears the bath running, she gets very excited. She loves being in the big bath with one of us.. the deeper the better, especially for splashing! When she’s in the bath, you lay her back on your legs, and hold her under her armpits and she pulls herself forward to sitting up and flips herself forward so she’s laying on her tummy. She then growls at you until you put her floating sea creatures in the water. She spends the rest of bath time talking to and laughing at her sea creatures! It’s sooooooo cute. We got some fantastic footage of it today, but someone (called Peter) left the cord that attaches the camera to the computer in Noosa, so I can’t show it to you yet.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the kind of girl who melts your heartmeat

May09 00132“Who me??” 

Mayana is getting SO strong. If she is sitting on you or near you, she insists on pulling herself forward until she is sitting upright with as little support from you as she can manage. In this photo, she is only holding on to Bethanie with one hand, and other than is completely self-supporting.

May09 00136 

Watching ‘Hi-5’ with Tante Boo. Clearly, it’s riveting stuff!

May09 00195

Mayana hanging out with her Great-Nan. She had lots of smiles for Nan today!!