Monday, October 26, 2009

New Mayana You Tube Video

My mum and I went halves in buying Mayana this cute walker. She LOVES it. It’s taken her a week or so to get the hang of it, but now that she has, she can’t get enough of it! She has a little dolly that she takes for rides, and if it’s not in the pram when she goes for a walk she goes to find it and put it in. She’s growing up so much, it’s so cute! I’m loving this stage, she’s really starting to play with us, and understand what we are saying to her.

I could go on forever… I’ll do another post later with all the cutesie things she’s been doing lately, but for now, check out this gorgeous video I put together…

Mayana Walking


Sunday, October 25, 2009

princess cheeky chops


Standing up all by her gorgeous self!!S7304451 so pretty!S7304456 S7304462

Stealing her cousin’s muffin. Cheeky lil thing.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The smile that makes my heart all gooey

If only I had captured the gorgeous giggles that went with these!

S7304442 S7304435 S7304436 S7304437 S7304439 S7304440

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Then and Now

 mayana joy 00091 S7304355

1 day old…. 9 months + 1 day old. Same baby, same lambskin.

Sleepy Dinner

Last night Mayana fell asleep while her Papa was feeding her yoghurt. She just started closing her eyes, but still opening her mouth for more yoghurt. Then she flopped to the side and was asleep. It was soooooo cute.

 S7304359 S7304360


Don’t mess with me!


Mayana clearly was feeling a little overprotective of her rusk stick while we were shopping. They’re fantastic, by the way, keeps her occupied for the whole grocery trip! Shame about the mess she makes…

apple stroop

Mayana’s new favourite. For the uneducated, it is a dutch spread, “Apple Syrup”. It’s very hard to describe, but you can buy it from Woolies in the spread section… go on, I dare you! She thought it was pretty awesome when Opa gave it to her on toast, but even more incredible on a spoon!!!

S7304354 S7304351

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the many faces of Mayana

 October09 00148

Having a deep and meaningful with Papa

October09 00152 Being angelic.

October09 00153

Her new grin. I think she just likes to show off those teethy-pegs. I love the wrinkly nose look.


October09 00165

Another new dress :) I’ve altered it a little so the wingy look is gone. She looks so cute in it!

Monday, October 12, 2009

the last few days…

 October09 00128

[Saturday]: Mayana clearly loved the craft and fine foods show we went to…

 October09 00130

[Sunday]: Thumbs up, off to church

October09 00134

[Sunday] My gorgeous dolly in her church clothes.

October09 00137

[Sunday]: Putting a sock in it. Literally. Oh, and the shirt says it all.

October09 00140

[Monday]: Okay Mama, get me outa bed now!

October09 00139 [Monday]: Finger foods = lotsa mess. But we love it.

Friday, October 9, 2009

cutie cutie

October09 00100

Mayana loves to clap. You only have to say, “Yayyy!!” and she’ll stop what she’s doing to clap. She also likes the little rhyme, “Clap hands Papa comes, with a pocket full of plums; one white, one red, one as big as bubby’s head”. She claps along, and at the bubby’s head bit she either puts her hands on her head or tips her head to the side and grins at you. I’ll have to capture it on video, it’s too cute not to share.

 October09 00096

look at those great big pearly whites! There are 3 more on the top, with another just about to pop through.

I have learnt…

To always take a camera with me when I get Mayana up from naps. Mayana is very good at putting herself to sleep, and always has a little bit of a play in her cot before she drops off. Because of this, she ends up falling asleep in some very cute positions. Here are my favourites from this week :

October09 00093 October09 00088 October09 00090 October09 00091 October09 00092

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mayana (still) [hearts] Nate

  October09 00068 Their eyes light up as soon as they see each other..

October09 00070 October09 00071 

And this is Nate’s little sister, Jasmine. She is Mayana’s birthday buddy – they were born exactly one year apart.

October09 00074

Jedi Knight Baby

October09 00067

It’s a process…

 October09 00049 October09 00050 October09 00051 October09 00052

October09 00053

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The girl loves to shop!

October09 00000

Especially if she gets to wear Mama’s pretty white beads!

(ps. notice the cute pram liner I recently made??)

Colin Buchanan

September 09 00383 September 09 00379

Mama, Papa and Kami took Mayana to her very first Colin Buchanan concert a few weeks ago. She LOVED it (actually we all did)— she was completely mesmerised from beginning to end. Lots of singing and clapping and bouncing, and trying to catch the attention of the many other kids that were running around. First of many Colin concerts for Miss Mayana I’m thinking….

Mayana at the beach: Mark II

Last time we were in Noosa we took Mayana down to Sunshine Beach for another play in the sand and splash in the surf.

She loves the water, but would get a bit anxious with the loud noise the crashing waves made.

September 09 00369

Mayana & Mama about to go for a splash…

September 09 00370And after the swim, Mayana got a bit cold, so Tante Lexi lent her her beach dress. It was just a little bit big, but we made it work.