Wednesday, April 29, 2009

little lady has fun in the bath

april09 00194

“Goodmorning Mama!”. I just love the way she had her little legs crossed with her hand on her leg. Like a little lady. *sigh* my baby is the prettiest baby!

april09 00199

Mayana loves these ‘bath stickers’ that she got as a present from Eleanor. They’re foam sea creatures and when wet the stick to the side of the bath or shower. Today we discovered they also float, and are veeeeery interesting to a 14.5 week old baby. She stared at them whilst kicking and laughing for close to 10 minutes. That’s a long time for a baby!

  april09 00195

In the last few days, Mayana has discovered that she can reach out and hold onto things with her hands!

april09 00198

Once she has a good grip on them, they generally go straight into the mouth…

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Little Miss Dribble Guts

april09 00182 april09 00181

Can you see how wet her shirt is around the top?? She drools all day long, and her bibs are all too big to make a difference! Isn’t she a cutie-pie!

Mayana and Papa

april09 00193 april09 00192

They love each other soooooo much!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

happy, healthy, gorgeous

april09 00178 april09 00169 april09 00170 april09 00173

Mayana LOVES the new mobile that Uncle Daniel and Aunty Katherine (Mayana’s Godparents) sent her over from Scotland. It’s just what we needed to keep her distracted during nappy changes! Thanks guys!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

first solids

Much earlier than anticipated, but for reasons explained here I have today given Mayana her first taste of Farex.

april09 00150

All set and ready to go!

april09 00152

Mayana’s runny farex with breast milk, before we started..

 april09 00154

First taste on Mama’s finger… “mmm what’s this Mama!?”

april09 00159

Once she got used to it I moved to the spoon…
She opened wide as soon as it went near her mouth

 april09 00161

“Mmmm this is good Mama!”

 april09 00163

This was the face she’d pull when it would first go in her mouth. Then she’d just start gobbling it up!

 april09 00165

And what was left! She actually had a little bit more after this was taken.

april09 00166

Full tummy, what a yummy treat!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

3 months old!

Yesterday my gorgeous girl was 3 months old! Who can even believe that!! It’s gone sooo fast – I wish the last 3 months of pregnancy had gone that quickly, lol. Nah I LOVED being pregnant, but I love being a mummy more!

MJS 00055 april09 00146

The pic on the left is Mayana’s first time in her pram, at 5 days old, and on the right is Mayana today, at 3 months 1 day ready for a picnic in the park.

She is still such a little petite thing, 8lbs 6oz at last weigh-in (nearly 3.8kg) – smaller than many of my friend’s baby’s were at birth! But she does feel big to us, compared to her newborn self. I can’t wait for her to fit into all of the gorgeous 0000 clothes that she has waiting for her though, lol.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

cheeky chops

So today, I thought Mayana had gone to sleep, so I tip-toed to her door and stuck my head inside to check on her and this is what I found:
My little ratbag had wormed her arms out and was sucking on her fingers rockstar style with her hand up behind her head, gazing at her wonderful curtains. She was so mesmerized that she didn't even notice me taking her picture. So cute. She's really into those curtains at the moment, and in her fingers for that matter.

She's just started that whole rockstar finger thing again - the one that she did when she was first born. She's preferring them over the dummy today, and she has sucked/gummed her fingers red raw.

I've had a lovely day with my girl today.. much happier than yesterday. Just hoping we don't get a repeat of last night's 3.30am wake up. I was getting used to 6.30am feeds...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mayana’s First Easterfest!

Easterfest 09Our little girl was SUCH an angel at Easterfest. We were a little worried about how she’d cope with such a big weekend, we were all happily surprised at how good she really was!

Through the day, she would alternate between the pram, sling, or one of the 10 or so sets of arms that were always willing. She would snooze a little, sticky-beak a little… she takes everything in and is so bright-eyed and alert. She had LOTS of admirers… she even came with me when I went to get my shoes signed by various artists and won them all over in a heartbeat.

She loved being faced towards the stage so she could see the lights and movement.

We bought her a pair of baby ear-muffs, especially designed for bubbas to keep their little ear-drums safe. Aside from the fact that each muff was pretty much the size of her head, they worked a treat!

Each night, she would fall asleep at her regular bedtime (around 7pm) and sleep through all the noise and music – including bands like Audio Adrenaline and New World Son – until we would get home at around midnight. I then would change and feed her, she’d go straight back to sleep and each day went through until about 6/6.30am. After another feed, she’d be back to sleep until around 8am (or 9am today!!!!!) letting us all get a lovely sleep-in. I am so proud at how well she coped!

She has now woken up from a great big sleep (down at 10am, awake at 12.45pm) and is desperate for a feed…

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another wedding!

Mayana’s second wedding of her (nearly) 11 week life.

Today was Pete’s cousin Lesley’s wedding to Ryan.
Our girl looked GORGEOUS ;-) She did have matching pants for this outfit, they were very cute with a fluffy little pink skirt attached, but unfortunately when I put them on her this morning they were WAY too big, so we had to use her pink tights instead.

april09 00008

A picture with Mama – for a change!

april09 00087

Snuggles with Papa – beautiful graceful hands.

april09 00061

Hanging out with Pop Ev

april09 00062

My beautiful giggly pink girl. She totally melts my heartmeat. Seriously, it’s sitting in a puddle somewhere.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Family get-together

We took Mayana to meet some of her extended family today… her Great-Great-Aunty Judy, and her (third???) cousins, Jared & Nathan.

We took a lovely photo…


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In the Cot!

Mayana had her first night in her cot last night…

She looks so little in there!!! She slept very well, straight through from 7pm-5.45am. She’s back in there now, having her morning sleep…

march 00136

march 00137

Surprise Visit

I got sick while camping (ear infection) and decided I needed my mummy… so instead of heading home after our camping trip, we drove to Noosa for a surprise visit! It was lovely to have a couple of nights there, with extra hands to help with Mayana while I felt sick.

march 00134

Having a snooze with Kami

 march 00118

Checking out Opa’s fish.. pretty cool!!

 march 00119

I wuv Tante Lexi

 march 00124

Hanging out with Aunty Mich, who by the way is pregnant with my new best friend!

 march 00130

Miss Dribble-Guts loves cuddles with Kami…


 march 00098

Snoozing while Mama and Papa pack the car

march 00101

rugged up on our first morning.

march 00114

Hanging out

  march 00108

Snoozing in bouncer down at the dam while Papa is water-skiing

 march 00112

Mayana snuggling with Papa while waiting to be fed

 march 00113

And with a full tummy after said feed.


Mayana was a very good girl while we were camping – we all had a great time.. I’ll do a proper post over at !