Wednesday, September 30, 2009

happy snaps

September 09 00361

Mayana bopping along to the Target ad… it’s her favourite at the moment.September 09 00359 And enduring lots of lovin’ from her Tante Lexi who is staying with us at the moment…

The day the bath disappeared

 September 09 00340

So it was just a normal day, and I was having a bath in Kami & Opa’s laundry tub… September 09 00341

When I saw this weird black thing at the bottom of the tub. I had to have it. September 09 00342

After a bit of fumbling in the bubble water.. it was mine! I stood up to show my Papa, and before I knew what was happening, all my water disappeared!! September 09 00343I tried really hard to put the black thing back…

September 09 00344

But no matter what I did, the water all kept disappearing down the hole in the bath tub.

It was a very sad day.


This is Mayana Joy and her Great Nanna Joy…

 September 09 00331 September 09 00337

Mayana [hearts] Nate

These pics are probably over a month old now, but I just realised I haven’t shared them and they’re too cute not to show off!

Nate is the grandson of my mum’s best friend.. our two families have grown up together – in fact my mum’s mum and her best friend’s mum are also best friends, and myself and mum’s best friend’s daughter and I were childhood best friends… so Mayana and Nate make four generations of besties in our families!

Mayana was completely smitten by Nate, and wouldn’t stop giving him cuddles or kisses. Nate most certainly didn’t seem to mind too much!

Mayana kiss nate mayana cuddles nate

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Shoes!

We found a baby boutique with Mayana-sized shoes today… 50% off! So she got two pairs of shoes for around $9.00 each. One from her Kami and one from her Papa. They’re so cute!

 September 09 00326 September 09 00328 September 09 00329

September 09 00330

Cutie Patootie

September 09 00311 September 09 00305

Thanks Oom J!

Oom J (my brother - Oom=dutch word for Uncle, J is Jordan’s nickname, Oom J is what Mayana calls him) bought Mayana a new highchair which will live at Opa & Kami’s house. Isn’t he the best uncle ever!

September 09 00294

September 09 00301After a finger-food lunch of mushrooms (first time ever – she’s a big fan!), strawberries and cheese. Mmmmm. 

Slingin’ It

I made Mayana a new sling – a ‘wrap sling’. $16 for 4m of 2-way stretch material, cut in half lengthways = two, no-sew slings! Gotta love that :) It’s so comfortable and versatile, you can wear it in so many ways and Mayana seems to quite like it too.

Mayana in her new sling:

 September 09 00288

‘Rucksack Carry’ with Tante Lexi September 09 00299

Ready for a walk along the river September 09 00300

and she was so comfortable that she fell asleep!

Looks like we have a winner :)

Friday, September 18, 2009


September 09 00253 

Mayana went for an explore today. We were in the loungeroom and then suddenly she wasn’t. Papa followed her down the hallway with the camera just in case… She crawled into her bedroom where she proceeded to empty a basket of clothes I had just folded and drag them around the room. Then she decided to check out what was going on under her changetable. Where she got stuck.

September 09 00260

Angelic, no? Well, no. Today, for the fourth day in a row, our cheeky daughter’s bath came to an abrupt end when she did a great big number two in it. Yes, four days in a row! Let’s just say Pete’s quite happy he is no longer bathing with her.

standing, snuggles & swimming

 September 09 00220Mayana spends at least half her day in this exact position. She is obsessed with standing up at the couch, and walking up and down along it (I think they call it cruising). Now instead of holding onto the couch and to stand up, she launches herself to standing and then grabs the couch to balance. I can’t say I’d be surprised if I end up with an early walker.

September 09 00221My new favourite thing that the Mayana-Berry has learned. When I say, “Can Mama have a snuggle please, Mayana?”, this is how she responds. It’s so lovely to be getting little cuddles from my precious! (Oh and the other gorgeous thing she does now is clap! If we say, “Hooray!” she starts bouncing on her little bottom and clapping and laughing. She saw people clapping on the TV the other day and stopped what she was doing and started her bouncing/clapping routine. It was beyond adorable.) 

September 09 00241

Today it was really quite hot, and we all know Miss Mayana does not approve of hot days. So we decided she could have her first ever ‘swim’ in her ‘pool’. In her cutsie bikini. She LOVED it. She kept trying to stand up though, she just can’t help herself. Landed herself head-first in the grass a time or two- you think you’d learn, but no… In any case, she loved it, and cooled down!

September 09 00250

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


September  09 00211

Mayana is looking so long lately! She isn’t particularly long in real measurements I suppose, (less than 65cm) but man she is so much bigger than when she was born! I’ve been looking at some of her little baby clothes (00000’s) and thinking about how huge they used to be on her. At her knee socks, and how they used to come up to the tops of her thighs. At her little pink button up top that we used to put on her as a dress. My little girl is getting bigger!

avocado baby

September 09 00210 September 09 00208 September 09 00209

Yeah, so I’m thinking the whole vegemite and avocado toast for breakfast thing is a total winner… (and I can’t wait until Mayana is tall enough for us to use the highchair tray!!!)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

garden fun

 September 09 00184It’s such fun to play in the dirt…

September 09 00189 …even if you do get a little grubby

September 09 00193

This is Mayana’s contribution… when Papa told her it was time to plant the seeds, she promptly popped the entire packet into the dirt.

September 09 00199Then Mayana discovered the bucket of water … and decided it was much more fun than helping Papa. I don’t think Papa minded too much though. She splashed around for ages… got herself thoroughly wet and has an absolute ball!

September 09 00202 She even got to jump into the bucket so Papa could wash off all the mud she had created.

September 09 00207

Chillaxing after a hard day in the garden. This is the first time she fed herself a bottle completely independently. I wasn’t allowed to help at all. She’s getting much too clever!

the hugest adventure

Mayana had the most massive day yesterday. We went to Brisbane on a train. We left before 7am and got home close to 11pm. She was such a trouper and coped so much better than I could have imagined.

You can read more about our big adventure here!

 September 09 00125  Enjoying the train ride!September 09 00148 “Look Mama, it’s my cousin…”

September 09 00144

Kisses and cuddles for Hannah…

September 09 00170

Watching fireworks with Mama…

All I want is Loving You and Music…

I am enjoying discovering that a love of music is something that apparently exists intrinsically. Well in my little daughter at least. You gotta admit, it’s in her genes. She has listened to music (a lot of music) every day since the day she was born. I sing to her all the time. Lately, whenever she hears music she starts to dance. She sits up on her bottom and bounces and flaps her arms and laughs. It’s incredibly cute. I have some video of it but don’t have time to get it internet-ready at this moment.

I really hope to encourage her love of music as she gets older. I can’t wait to see which instrument(s) she wants to learn, if she’ll let me teach her the keyboard. If she’ll be part of our little family band! In the meantime, we’ll just practice clapping and singing Twinkly Twinkle and Jesus Loves Me.

September 09 00112

We’ve been playing a bit of keyboard together each day. Mayana especially loves it when I put it on the percussion or special effects settings.

September 09 00121

Mayana also enjoys banging various containers together. Loudly. You can see her little eyes wincing in anticipation of the fierce noise she is about to make.

Oh bless. She’s too precious!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

more adventures of the Mayana-berry

September 09 00093

Swinging! Mayana’s favourite pastime

September 09 00088 

Searching for something under the couch. Not quite sure what it was.

September 09 00091

Beautiful eyes!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

my little dare-devil

who is today sporting 2 bruises and an egg on her head, because she is experimenting with balancing (standing) without holding on to anything! She’s been pulling herself up on anything she can hold onto, has mastered letting go and only holding on with one hand, and is attempting now hands. She handles about 3 or so seconds before losing her balance.

September 09 00076

“I shall conquer you, Gloria!”

September 09 00085

showing off to her Papa

September 09 00070

“Watch this…” September 09 00073 “Ready??”

September 09 00074  “Ta-da!!!!” (No hands!!!!!)