Wednesday, September 16, 2009


September  09 00211

Mayana is looking so long lately! She isn’t particularly long in real measurements I suppose, (less than 65cm) but man she is so much bigger than when she was born! I’ve been looking at some of her little baby clothes (00000’s) and thinking about how huge they used to be on her. At her knee socks, and how they used to come up to the tops of her thighs. At her little pink button up top that we used to put on her as a dress. My little girl is getting bigger!


  1. Zoe, Mayana is just too cute!!! Love reading all your blogs! She looks so grown up in this picture - does she just fall asleep like that on a pillow? Xxxx eliza

  2. Thanks :D Nah she fell asleep when I was feeding her, so I just put her on the pillow :)