Sunday, May 24, 2009

Welcome to the family, Gloria!

Opa bought Mayana a beautiful hippo, whom we have named ‘Gloria’ after the hippo on Madagascar…

May 09 00041

“Hmm.. I’m not too sure about this creature!”

May 09 00042

“Hmmm.. she’s not so bad… gives good cuddles!”

May 09 00044

“And she’s pretty comfortable..”

May 09 00063

“… Nice to hang out with”

  May 09 00052 

“and she gives fun rides!”

May 09 00059

“Slow down!!!!”

May 09 00060

“Maybe we’ll just chillax together (i hope she doesn’t mind if I dribble on her a bit!).”

Yeah, I think Mayana definitely likes her new friend.

May 09 00045

Look how clever our girl is, holding onto her own water bottle… 

May 09 00055

Lovin’ the Papa :-)  


  1. Good choice of stuffed toy Mayana. I'm sure Gloria won't mind you dribbling on her a little bit! Can't believe Opa bought you the biggest one there!!! Love Kami

  2. Mayana just gets cuter each day! Love the hippo! xx

  3. These pics (and Mayana) are sooo cute :)