Friday, May 29, 2009

tummy time|pear|movies

May 09 00068

I think she’s finally getting the hang of this tummy-time thing!

May 09 00076

So, do you think she enjoyed her pear with organic baby rice??

May 09 00080   Mayana’s first ever cinema experience… she was such a good girl!


  1. What a good girl. Did you get any comments from other people about her ear muffs. They've come in handy hey? Before we know it she'll be crawling!
    Love Mama.

  2. She is so adorable.
    i miss you all heaps.
    Love Tante Lexi.

  3. She is such a lovely lil girl, you guys!! I love her, love her, love her to bits!! So clever and so sweet, so strong, so neat! Oops sounding like a poem, so better sign off before I embarrass myself hehehe Love from NanAnn xxx

  4. Yep, definitely getting those earmuffs.