Thursday, May 14, 2009

I wanna be a rockstar!

may09 00321

We totally love Mayana’s new outfit. Pete chose it, and thinks he’s very clever. Isn’t it the cutest!!?

Oom J will be very impressed: Mayana’s first Bass!

may09 00322Mayana is insisting on practising her new skill as often as she possibly can!  She sat like this on her Papa’s lap for about 5 minutes today, with just a little bit of help from Papa moving his legs to compensate for her going off balance occasionally. She’s learning that she can steady herself by putting her hands in front of her.


  1. she looks like a little ballerina with her arms crossed all gracefully! Love her rockstar outfit- and the confused expression on her face! Jess Thorne.

  2. thats right, BASS! training her up in the ways of awesomeness already! Oom Jays little rocker!!