Tuesday, May 12, 2009

bumbo, babar and books..

May09 00305 May09 00306

It was cold today, and Mayana looked sooo cute in her warm clothes and hat. How cute are the booties!! Please excuse the drooly shirt… Mayana is teething, today I found a row of little white dots along her top gum…

May09 00309

How’s this for early literacy!!! Mayana is so interested in books, she tries to grab the pictures and the pages… here she was actually turning the pages! We had our first trip to the library today, got some lovely books and some DVD’s: Hillsong Kids, The Donut Man (takes me back to my childhood!!!), and The Wiggles!

 May09 00312

Mayana chillin’ in her new Bumbo chair. She thinks it’s pretty great, cos she can sit up in it ‘by herself’. 

May09 00314Hanging out in Bumbo, watching Babar.. you remember that cartoon about the elephant king??? I got a DVD of it for $3.00 yesterday! I used to LOVE it when I was a kid. Mayana seemed to think it was pretty good too…

May09 00316

We changed the nursery around yesterday.. For three reasons:
1) I felt like a change ;-)
2) I thought it would be easier to keep her warm if she wasn’t under the window
3) Mayana loves her curtains, and since she is beginning to want to sit up, and the curtains kind of hung into her cot, I was afraid they’d one day land on her head!

I like it this way, we have a nice big spot on the floor which we can play on. We’re going to get one of those town map play mats from Ikea to go there..


  1. Wish I was in Mayana's room rocking her to sleep! Love the Bumbo. I can see a lot of practical uses for that thing. Specially eating some tucker at Kami's house. Love you, Mama.

  2. Ohh I'm getting an Aqua/Blue Bumbo, love them. Her room looks so sweet. Oh and BigW has a town playmat for $30, similar colours and tones to the Ikea one.

  3. I loved babar! What a bargain! Wow, sitting already! She'll be on the move before you know it! Jess x