Monday, April 13, 2009

Mayana’s First Easterfest!

Easterfest 09Our little girl was SUCH an angel at Easterfest. We were a little worried about how she’d cope with such a big weekend, we were all happily surprised at how good she really was!

Through the day, she would alternate between the pram, sling, or one of the 10 or so sets of arms that were always willing. She would snooze a little, sticky-beak a little… she takes everything in and is so bright-eyed and alert. She had LOTS of admirers… she even came with me when I went to get my shoes signed by various artists and won them all over in a heartbeat.

She loved being faced towards the stage so she could see the lights and movement.

We bought her a pair of baby ear-muffs, especially designed for bubbas to keep their little ear-drums safe. Aside from the fact that each muff was pretty much the size of her head, they worked a treat!

Each night, she would fall asleep at her regular bedtime (around 7pm) and sleep through all the noise and music – including bands like Audio Adrenaline and New World Son – until we would get home at around midnight. I then would change and feed her, she’d go straight back to sleep and each day went through until about 6/6.30am. After another feed, she’d be back to sleep until around 8am (or 9am today!!!!!) letting us all get a lovely sleep-in. I am so proud at how well she coped!

She has now woken up from a great big sleep (down at 10am, awake at 12.45pm) and is desperate for a feed…

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