Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another wedding!

Mayana’s second wedding of her (nearly) 11 week life.

Today was Pete’s cousin Lesley’s wedding to Ryan.
Our girl looked GORGEOUS ;-) She did have matching pants for this outfit, they were very cute with a fluffy little pink skirt attached, but unfortunately when I put them on her this morning they were WAY too big, so we had to use her pink tights instead.

april09 00008

A picture with Mama – for a change!

april09 00087

Snuggles with Papa – beautiful graceful hands.

april09 00061

Hanging out with Pop Ev

april09 00062

My beautiful giggly pink girl. She totally melts my heartmeat. Seriously, it’s sitting in a puddle somewhere.

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  1. Zoey your little girl is just beautiful
    i love checking to see new photos