Sunday, April 19, 2009

3 months old!

Yesterday my gorgeous girl was 3 months old! Who can even believe that!! It’s gone sooo fast – I wish the last 3 months of pregnancy had gone that quickly, lol. Nah I LOVED being pregnant, but I love being a mummy more!

MJS 00055 april09 00146

The pic on the left is Mayana’s first time in her pram, at 5 days old, and on the right is Mayana today, at 3 months 1 day ready for a picnic in the park.

She is still such a little petite thing, 8lbs 6oz at last weigh-in (nearly 3.8kg) – smaller than many of my friend’s baby’s were at birth! But she does feel big to us, compared to her newborn self. I can’t wait for her to fit into all of the gorgeous 0000 clothes that she has waiting for her though, lol.


  1. awww, getting so big but still so tiny :D 3 big kisses

  2. its so hard to believe shes only 700 grams bigger at 3mths old than my twins at birth
    Mayana has grown heaps but shes still so so tiny and so beautiful