Wednesday, April 22, 2009

first solids

Much earlier than anticipated, but for reasons explained here I have today given Mayana her first taste of Farex.

april09 00150

All set and ready to go!

april09 00152

Mayana’s runny farex with breast milk, before we started..

 april09 00154

First taste on Mama’s finger… “mmm what’s this Mama!?”

april09 00159

Once she got used to it I moved to the spoon…
She opened wide as soon as it went near her mouth

 april09 00161

“Mmmm this is good Mama!”

 april09 00163

This was the face she’d pull when it would first go in her mouth. Then she’d just start gobbling it up!

 april09 00165

And what was left! She actually had a little bit more after this was taken.

april09 00166

Full tummy, what a yummy treat!


  1. Well she looks nice and healthy to me.
    Give her a cuddle from me.
    Love Tante Lexi.

  2. Hi Zoey,
    I have been following this blog since your daughter was born, can I just say she is the most gorgeous little girl I have seen! Love these pics of her first solids, looks like she'd thriving to me.
    Jaclyn AKA Snerlette