Thursday, June 11, 2009

swinging + pear

 June 09 00116

I hooked up the swing we were given for Mayana the other day. She absolutely LOVES it. She really seems to enjoy being outside, and takes in all the different sounds, and loves to look at the trees and plants in the garden. Plus, the swing is fun!

June 09 00133

“I want some of what you’ve got, Mama!” Since she eats pear anyway, I figured it couldn’t hurt her to have a bit of a suck/chew on a chunk of my pear.

June 09 00132 

She seemed to enjoy it, and I think it felt nice on her poor gums in any case!


  1. People must look into my office at work and laugh at the really gooey look I ofter have on my face! Little do they know that I'm looking at the most adorable baby ever and that I love her with all my heart. Where did you get the swing? It's like Flynn's isn't it? Bring it with you to Noosa. I want to play!! Love Mama

  2. The swing was from Carmen & Brendon - before Mayana was born. If we can fit it in the car, we'll bring it :-)I'm going to bring her jolly jumper too...

  3. With all her stuff....just remember to throw Mayana in the car somewhere there too ok?! Lol. Jess x