Wednesday, June 3, 2009

possible photo overload

But who could resist the cuteness!!>

June 09 00001

Hanging out with Gloria

 June 09 00005

So beautiful!

 June 09 00009

I’m so in love with her eyes…

 June 09 00010

Mayana has lately decided that she might like to have a taste of the camera…

 June 09 00011

too cute!

June 09 00014Rings are sooo fascinating

June 09 00016The picture of innocence..

June 09 00017Lovin’ the Papa

June 09 00025

Let me at it!!! Apple, Pear, Baby Rice & Milk.. mmmm good dinner!


  1. Love the outfit, especially with the head band. I don't think you could possibly overdo the photos with our gorgeous Mayana! Love Kami. xxoo

  2. she just gets more beautiful every time