Tuesday, June 9, 2009

new hats!!

first though… Look Tante Lexi! Mayana’s wearing the pretty 000 dress you gave her before she was born!

June 09 00109Now… hat number 1, according to the tag is a “Russian Doll Hat”.

June 09 00096 June 09 00099

Hat number two is what Alexie and I like to call a Heidi and Sven hat:

June 09 00102

June 09 00103

Whatever you want to call them, they’re both gorgeous huh!?

The Sven & Heidi hat also came with mittens, but I’m not sure that Mayana loves them so much.

June 09 00104

“where the heck did my fingers go!??”

We’re all set for the winter now…


  1. How can one little girl get any cuter!! Where did you get the hats? Love them. Maybe if Mayana was outside in the cold she'd like the mittens? Love Mama.

  2. THE most adorable!!! Love the russian doll hat and the sven hat and, and oh what the heck, love em all LOL. That top shot is a fantastic one, well done Zoz and Pete (not sure who took it)!!