Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Mundubbera snaps

June 09 00278

Mayana loves her great-Nanna! She has lots of smiles and giggles for Nanna =)

 June 09 00258

Watching Hi-5 on Pop’s big plasma!

 June 09 00263

Mayana thinks Torren’s pretty cool.. I think she wants to grab that thing in his eyebrow! He’s a bit of a Mayana hog, just like Opa!

 June 09 00267

Mayana checking out her favourite new toy: a bright orange ball which she loves to roll back and forwards with Nanna.

June 09 00269

Playing with Pop. I think he liked the flashing lights on her colour toy more than she does!!


  1. it look like Mayana has had some fun while I am away, I can't believe how big she looks in the photos.