Sunday, March 1, 2009

Saturday: 5 weeks & 6 days old...

Our gorgeous girl loves to give us big grins. She is *so* close to giggling. She also has a ticklish chin like her Mama.

Mayana having her first bath in the big bath with Mama. She thought it was pretty sweet!

The three of us went for a big walk in an attempt to get Mayana to have a bit of a sleep in the afternoon... she doesn't sleep well when it's hot. I've been finding my "hippy" sling a bit more comfortable for my back than my safari sling, and we have discovered that Mayana likes it more if she's upright. She managed to pop out a foot, a leg and an arm during our walk yesterday (don't worry she wasn't anywhere near all of her popping out :P )

Mayana having a snuggly with her froggy she got from Tante Lexi for christmas when she was still just a bump!

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