Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mayana does Shakespeare!

We took Mayana to the Shakespeare Festival in Queens Park which our uni puts on every year. It's an evening show, and this year's was "The Tempest". It was FANTASTIC! Mayana was such a good girl, she was soooo mesmerized by the lights and noise in the first half, I swear she was watching the play - following the actors across the stage and everything.
She fell asleep during intermission, and slept through most of the second half, with a couple of peaks to check what was going on when it got a bit noisy.

Waiting for the show to start...

It was cold in Queen's Park!! We used our little pop-up tent that Kami gave her, with her lambskin in it. Worked a treat, and no worries about people accidentally stepping on her walking through the people in the dark, because they could see her bed easily!

All rugged up, watching the stage...


  1. How sweet :) Culture at such a young age. What brand of tent was it?

  2. It's an 'ezy&zafe' mosquito net tent. My mum got it for us for my baby shower. You can get them from this ebay store: in the outdoor section. It's really great because it folds up tiny and is easy to cart around. Highly recommended!