Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gorgeous girl

Despite Mayana having a couple of rough days while she recovers from her needles, we have managed to have a few happy moments with her…

March 00065

Trying out her new bouncer! It plays music and vibrates, and has a cute giraffe, elephant and rattle on the bar that attaches over the top.

March 00066

Chilling out. Papa lies like this too, and Mayana usually sleeps this way when she’s not wrapped.

March 00069

 March 00063

Perhaps Mayana will be a ballerina with these elegant hands….

March 00064


  1. Everything about Mayana is just so pretty Zoey....her hands, her beautiful lips, her eyes, everything!!

  2. What a gorgeous smiley shot (in the rocker). Mayana looks so delightful! Jess x