Thursday, March 12, 2009

our pretty lil girl.

Snoozing on the floor while I was getting ready for uni. She did have her eyes clothes until the flash went off for the photo.

I know it's a bit blurry but this expression totally cracked me up. It was mid-cry when I was trying to capture that cute little frown which I mentioned in this post. This isn't the frown I referred to though, just a funny face.

Mayana is enthralled by this cool new toy given to us by a uni friend. It's a sesame street ball which rolls around of its own accord and makes cool noises. She follows it around with her eyes and cracks up when it stops.

Snoozing after a feed. She's still so little! How cute do babies look i wondersuits!?
(ooh an my cool new nappies are sitting in the corner of that pic, they arrived today!!!!)

Gorgeous Mayana with the sparkly blue eyes! She's so pretty.


  1. I love catching up with your day and gazing at photo's of our gorgeous Mayana. She's a honey bun sugar plum, pummy ummy umchkin,she's a sweetie pie. She a cupcake, gum drop, snookum, snookum snort. She's the apple of my eye!!!

  2. I want a cuddle, I want a cuddle, I want a cuddle, Miss you all SO much xx