Thursday, November 19, 2009

Slack Mama… sorry!!

But I will make up for it now… a good sized dose of the most gorgeous Mayana-Berry you ever will see!

We’ve been in Noosa for the last week and a half.. Pete’s on prac and Mayana and I are hanging out and catching up with lots of friends… and loving it!


Mayana has just discovered mangoes. Loves them. A lot. Here she is sucking her first mango seed.

S7304566 S7304573

We went to visit my friend Naomi and her daughter Elena. They have a really cool TV unit with fantastic baby-sized cubes that are perfect for exploring.

S7304575 Mayana thoroughly enjoyed herself.


And also really loved playing with her buddy Elena. S7304582

Who, believe it or not, is only 3 weeks older than her! Yes, Mayana is a pipsqueak.

S7304584 We’ve also been to visit Uncle Denis and Aunty Kay (my dad’s boss and his wife). They have a pool, and Mayana had her first pool experience. She loved it. I’m really looking forward to starting swimming lessons with her next term!



This is when we went to visit my friend Krystal and her daughter Willow. A room full of toys and Mayana went for the cardboard tube. Of course.


Mayana and her buddy Willow. They had so much fun playing together. S7304662

And believe it or not, Willow is only 11 days older. Yes, my daughter really is a pipsqueak.


But a gorgeous one, don’t you agree??

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  1. Great photos Zoey!

    Don't worry, my daughter is also a pipsqueak! Her friend is 4 and a half months younger, and already bigger than her!

    I wonder if Mayana and Sunny will be around the same size? Mayana might actually be the biggest this time!!

    So looking forward to seeing you guys soon...