Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Poser

We took photos for Christmas cards today. I think I’ve chosen the one we’ll use, but I won’t tell which just in case YOU’RE on the list- you can still get a surprise :-)

I think she was a little posed out from our family portrait photos yesterday, and was also a little grumpy because of the heat, but luckily she’s gorgeous even without her toothy grin…

S7304778 S7304779 S7304783 S7304795 S7304796 S7304805 S7304807.1

Which one do you like best??


  1. So cute! (nearly not as much carry on as our attempts at xmas photos but then again we had two trying to fight each other!). They are ALL adorable but I especially love the one where she's looking at the bauble - oh and the one where she's eating the bauble! Oh I can't choose one!

  2. They are all gorgeous Zoe but I think my Favourite is the 2nd one down - where she looks like she's giving you the bauble! cute cute cute

  3. Tante Boo and Kami like numbers 2 and 3 even if a bit of her head is missing on number 3. Once again the computer screen is covered in lip marks!!

  4. i LOVE the 2nd and 3rd!