Friday, November 6, 2009

Mayana’s Mundubbera Holiday Adventures

Hi everyone! We just got back from a big holiday with my Great Nanna and Great Poppy. It was heaps of fun. Here are some photos of my adventures…


I love hanging out with Mama’s cousin, Torren. He’s pretty cool. He’s going to be an uncle really soon, and he likes to practise with me! S7304487

Mama said I got really grubby from playing at Nanna’s house. S7304488

I think it’s because I kept playing in Nanna’s potato basket.  S7304489

My Great-Pop is the best. He gave me lots of tickles and cuddles and raspberries, and makes lots of funny noises. He also taught me how to say, “Allo!!!!!” (hello).  S7304491

I liked it when my Great-Nanna fed me breakfast. She’s really nice and I love her LOTS! S7304495

One day, Mama wrapped my head up in this bandage. It felt really funny, and when I looked in the mirror it made me laugh! S7304497

Nanna’s house has lots of fun places to explore. Sometimes I got stuck though! S7304500

At Nanna’s house there’s this other little baby. She lives in the hallway in the mirror. I really liked playing with her. Here I am saying, “Allo!”. S7304501

Sometimes she got a bit rough, and knocked me over! S7304503

There was also a few rooms I wasn’t allowed to go into. But I kept trying! S7304504

Torren is really clever at playing instruments, just like my Oom J. I liked dancing while he played Pop’s banjo for me. S7304508

I also got to hang out with my Great Aunt Nelly. Every day Mama and Papa took me down to her shop, and she let me play with her computer and with the little guitars she sells.  S7304512

This is me with my Mama’s cousin, Tennille. She’s pregnant with another little cousin for me! I liked bouncing around on her belly, and I don’t think the baby minded too much!


Every day after my bath, I had a little cuddle with Nanna while Mama got my pyjamas ready. I really loved snuggling with Nanna.


And giving her great big smooch-a-roonies.

S7304518 Nanna let me sit on Pop’s big motorbike. Do you like my biker face??


And here is me saying goodbye to my Great Pop. Mama really loves this photo. I do too. He’s a pretty great guy!!

I had a really great holiday, it was lots of fun to see all my family. I’m looking forward to seeing them all again soon, when we go back for Tennille’s baby shower!

Love, Mayana…

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