Friday, December 25, 2009

More Mundubbera Adventures

Before our trip to Perth, we had a flying visit to Mundubbera for my cousin’s baby shower. Mayana got some early Christmas presents, and loved hanging out with her Great Nanna, Great Poppy, and Great Aunt Nelly.


Opening her first Christmas present ever, from Great Aunt Nelly … it was….S7304968

A fairy costume! She loves it, and looks super duper adorably cute in it.


On our first night, we didn’t have a cot for Mayana to sleep in, so we made a little nest for her on the floor. She slept well in it, but must have got off for a little play before she went to sleep. When we went to check on her before bed, this is where we found her.


There were five ‘Jack’’s outside Nanna’s door, much to Mayana’s delight. She spent a lot of time at the glass doors, teasing them.


Sleeping with her cute little bottom in the air.

S7304985 Lovin’ her Great Poppy!! He got lots of snuggles.


And her Nanna.

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