Friday, December 4, 2009

big girl

Before I start with the photos… I just want to announce that I’m particularly proud this evening because my gorgeous daughter did her very first wettie on the potty!! She got lots of claps and cheers, and seemed very happy with herself. So clever!!!

She is seeming like such a big girl lately. She’s still pint-sized, but she acts so toddlerish, it’s a bit scary actually!  Last night we were at our church connect group Christmas party. Mayana got into my bag and pulled one of her wipes out, and spent a good portion of the evening cleaning our friend’s tiles and coffee tables. She’s got a thing with doing this at the moment, and cleans any available surface. It’s not so cute however when she ‘cleans’ her highchair tray with her vegemite toast.

S7304888 And this one just takes the cake. It was sooooooooooo cute. After dinner at connect group, the big kids always go and watch a DVD in the host’s media room (big screen projector thingo). Last night they watched Madagascar 2. Mayana disappeared into the media room, and I peeked in after her fully expecting to find her playing with the buttons on the entertainment system. Instead I found this:

S7304885She sat there next to the big kids for nearly 15 minutes just watching Madagascar. That’s a long time for a 10.5 month old!

How cute is that!?


  1. Can you send her to my house to give my son some lessons? :P

  2. These pictures are really gorgeous!