Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sleepy Dinner

Last night Mayana fell asleep while her Papa was feeding her yoghurt. She just started closing her eyes, but still opening her mouth for more yoghurt. Then she flopped to the side and was asleep. It was soooooo cute.

 S7304359 S7304360



  1. Oh my gosh Zoe that is too cute!!!! 9months is a cute stage hey - Peppa is 10 months now and I'm really enjoying the stage she is in. She has only just cut her two bottom teeth so that hasn't been nice but everything else is pretty cute. Your little Mayana might be an early walker by the looks of things.

  2. It only seems like yesterday that Bethanie did the same thing but she sent face forward onto the highchair tray. Hang on, maybe it was yesterday????? Kami.