Monday, October 12, 2009

the last few days…

 October09 00128

[Saturday]: Mayana clearly loved the craft and fine foods show we went to…

 October09 00130

[Sunday]: Thumbs up, off to church

October09 00134

[Sunday] My gorgeous dolly in her church clothes.

October09 00137

[Sunday]: Putting a sock in it. Literally. Oh, and the shirt says it all.

October09 00140

[Monday]: Okay Mama, get me outa bed now!

October09 00139 [Monday]: Finger foods = lotsa mess. But we love it.


  1. Thanks Mayana, Kami can go to bed now that I've seen your beautiful face. Sweet dreams to my little angel....

  2. That thumbs up shot is so adorable!!! xx