Wednesday, August 19, 2009

highlights from our days away


Helped Mama and Papa pack up for our trip..

August 09 00224Went to visit Aunty Mich, and told my buddy it’s time to come out and play!!! (She still hasn’t listened)

August 09 00226{Saturday}

Had coffee with Mike, Naomi, and my buddy Elena. We are only 3 weeks apart. I’m a runt!

August 09 00237 Hung out with Lachlan for a while

August 09 00246Decided that Maurice looked tasty

August 09 00248Played with Nan

August 09 00249and Pop

August 09 00255 {Sunday}

Fell asleep at church… AFTER chatting and playing throughout the entire service.

August 09 00257Really enjoyed my lunch

August 09 00258

Went to the beach for the first time ever (dedicated post to come!)

BeachTrip 00000

Caught up with Aunty Ali and Uncle Shane

August 09 00264 {Monday}

Found another park to play in!

August 09 00272 August 09 00276 I also got to visit Aunty Joce, and fell in love with her grandson Nathan, but Mama’s camera went flat and she didn’t get any photos.

I had the best time with all my buddies, and I miss them SO much!! (Mama does too)

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  1. Looks like fun! Mayana looks so grown up in her crawling position :)