Thursday, July 30, 2009

due to popular demand

here are some photos of the most gorgeous Mayana in the world. Sorry for the recent slackness, she hasn’t been much fun to take photos of when she’s sick :-(

 July 09 00162

 July 09 00167

Smiling at herself in a mirror at the shops…

July 09 00169

Enjoying the fresh air at the park…

July 09 00199

The teeth!! This is the face she pulls when we use the steamer on the espresso machine. It cracks us up every time…


  1. Thanks for the updates. I eagerly go to my computer every morning and evening to check on new photos and stories of my gorgeous girl. You've made my Thursday! Love you all. Mama.

  2. oohhhh!
    She looks sooo much like you Zoey!
    I miss you both lots and lots. Give Mayana a kiss from me. xoxoxoxoxo
    Tante Lexi

  3. You both look gorgeous, Mayana what big teeth you have, all the better to chomp on rusks Mama!!
    Love you all, NanAnn
    PS I bought Mayana a very special prezzie this week. Cant wait to give it to you - she will have to grow into it!!! LOL