Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 5

Today I had my first outing. We went to the shops, to give some paperwork to medicare, and we got some little bits and pieces from the shops. We also had lunch while we were out. After that we had to go see Mama's doctor. She was very excited to see me, and very happy that I came out on my own. I got all good comments from the doctor. Our big day wore me out, and I had lots of big sleeps when we got home. Mama thinks that if she hadn't woken me up for feeds I probably would have slept right through!

First time in the pram. I slept the whole time we were shopping, except for when Mama woke me up for a feed.

On the way to the shops I cried the whole time. But when we were in the car on the way home and in-between stops, I really enjoyed it.

I had a go in the sling that Aunty Pen got for me, and I really loved it!
Everyone in the shops kept stopping us to have a look at me and tell me how cute I am!

Cuddles with Kami

Snoozing with my Papa

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